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Why should you have CCC tokens

  • The integrated system of using CCC tokens in many business models causes its continuous demand. We have created a network of returning parts of tokens to use for payment. This system reduces the purchase price, and there is a mechanism for settling recommended services implemented to products only purchased with CCC support. Receive returns from purchases made using CCC - CashBack
  • A limited supply of CCC tokens up to one million pieces guarantees a rise in the value of tokens over the time. Therefore, the best option is to keep your tokens in your wallet until you reach the stock price of $ 100 for one CCC token. Growth of the value guarantee ​​over the time
  • The extensive use of Ciupek Capital Coin tokens in many businesses and the future in real estate make it the best possible investment option for buyers today. The best investment option
  • Firstly, as CashBack, some part is returned to the person who buys the service with CCC tokens. Secondly, you will get a commission from those who got the recommendation in external programs and access to an elite group of carefully selected business programs. Three mechanisms of using tokens.

Integrated payment systems combined with CCC

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