Management panel

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Components of the Management Panel

The best features in one place

Billing view

All tokens, regardless of where they come to you, appear in the general point and are converted according to the current dollar exchange rate. It will allow you to continually see the value you have in your portfolio, as well as how much and for what you have received the CCC tokens.

Soon more

Statistics view

Whether it will be a view of the commission or traffic generated by your links, you can do it at any time by switching the view of the displayed statistics. It depends on your expectations.

Soon more

Activity and history of transactions

At any time, you have an insight into the history of your operations. What you bought and for how much, what commissions and refunds you received for the transactions. They will be transferred to your CashBack account, as well as to who was the commissioner.

Soon more

Payment card service

To simplify the use of CCC tokens, we intend to implement payment card support. From now on, you will be able to withdraw your CCC tokens from payment cards by making purchases or withdrawing money at an ATM after converting the current exchange rate from the time of payment.

Soon more

Integrated payment systems combined with CCC

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